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Shopping as part of your holiday means every time you use or gaze at your purchase you bring back wonderful memories of your holiday. Of searching the little hole in the wall shop, finding that something special that no one else has, the happiness of discovering something different to the run of the mill goods from multinational stores.
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The Hot Spots to Shop guides are for both first time and return visitors to the Asia-Pacific region. The series lists quality goods and services and where to find them, particularly valuable for those on a tight schedule who don’t have time for a lot of research.
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Travel Insurance

We advise all travellers heading overseas to consider purchasing travel insurance before departing.

We have negotiated good value QBE travel insurance for all our followers.

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Hotspots2shop Travel Insurance


If you do take advantage of this offer we ask that you follow Wendy Johnson on facebook and sign up for her newsletters.


Wendy regularly escorts small groups to various locations in Asia that have wonderful shopping. Freestyle in nature, her tours allow you to have it your own way: tag along any day for a particular shopping destination or pursue your own objectives.
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