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There is nothing like the Hot Spots to Shop book series when you travel, but old favourites change, evolve or (gasp!) go out of business, and new hot spots are always springing up. As Wendy continues her world rambles, she keeps coming up with more priceless info and insider secrets. Why keep it to herself! After all, if you follow her lead and patronize a store, boutique or roadside market, chances are that the merchant will prosper and continue to be in business, and to benefit everyone.

Therefore Wendy invites you to subscribe to her free e-newsletter, “Hot Spots to Shop!” Written in a bright, easy-to-read style, these updates are yours to stash away in expectation of your next trip, slipped hopefully between the cover and first page of the geographically appropriate Hot Spots to Shop guide.

Don’t miss out! Find the latest information on trends, new finds, spectacular regional sales and promotions, great travel shopping advice, and advance notice of exclusive shopping tours led by the Shopping Guru herself. The Hot Spots to Shop newsletter is a valuable tool for easy, productive and soul-warming shopping experiences in Asia Pacific.

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