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Travel Insurance

Hot Spots to Shop advises all travellers heading overseas to consider purchasing travel insurance well before departing.Whether it’s your trip, your possessions, your luggage, or your health, travel insurance — and most importantly, the right kind of travel insurance — has become an essential item to pack for smart travelers. And if you don’t buy travel insurance — or the right kind — more than your trip could be ruined.

So to make things easier for you, Hot Spots to Shop has negotiated an nib travel insurance deal for all our followers. Simply click on the link below to get a ‘free, no obligation” quote. Purchase your travel insurance through our link and we will send you out a complimentary copy of “Bangkok Hot Spots To Shop”. Once you have purchased your insurance just email to arrange delivery.

If you found the nib quote helpful and decide to take advantage of this offer, all that we ask in return is that you ‘follow’ Hotspots2shop on facebook and sign up for our newsletters.

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