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January 2009 Newsletter

Friday, 2nd January, 2009

Happy New Year and also Happy Chinese New Year for the year of the Ox! Maybe this is the year you visit China, there is some great shopping in both Shanghai and Beijing and elsewhere in China. In current financial times we all need to watch what we are spending and of course we have all been used to travelling and it is so hard to tighten our belts on that but fortunately airlines, hoteliers and shops are feeling the pinch too and are putting out loads of specials.

We hope you enjoy receiving hints on travelling and shopping in Asian cities, and we would like your friends to share in our hints, tips and special offers. So if your forward our newsletter to your friends and five people sign up for our newsletter we will send you a free copy of Hot Spots to Shop Bangkok. Just forward the newsletter using the link below and send me a separate email with the email address of your friends and once 5 of them sign up I will send you a copy of the Bangkok book.

Don’t want to send on the newsletter but would still like a copy of the book, for the month of February we will send you out a copy of the book postage free. Just go to the website and pay $19.95 (Australian dollars) and we will pay the postage.

Meanwhile if you want information on a favourite city or you have tips for other shoppers or tourists please email me I would love to hear from you.


I was in Melbourne over New Year for a friend’s wedding and during the week a wonderful friend, Geoff organized a day out for us all.  We set out from St Paul’s in the city after a quick visit to Chloe. For those of you not from Melbourne Chloe is a nude painting at Young and Jackson’s pub and in all my years living in Melbourne I had never been so we started with a viewing!

Next was the tram to St Kilda and morning coffee and the divine mince tart in one of the little cake shops along Ackland Street, take a look

We didn’t do a lot of shopping but the food was great and there are a huge range of restaurants to choose from. After lunch we jumped back on the tram and headed for Chapel Street. I think evr3ybody has heard about the shopping down Chapel Street but check out .The girls headed for the shops while the guys had a relaxing drink at a cool bar.  Plans for Bridge Road shopping had to be cancelled due to the girls taking far too long buying bargains along Chapel Street, have a look at and see what we missed.  The next tram delivered us to Brunswick St. Fitzroy. where a great meal and a few wines sealed off a wonderful day. If you are in Melbourne shopping make the most of the trams and the easy access they give you to Melbourne diverse shopping. 2009 will see the publication of Hot Spots to Shop Melbourne.


Increased pre departure checks have put pressure on your hand luggage and what you carry onto an aircraft. Try to keep carry on to a minimum to make your life and flight easier. Remember each country and each airline may have similar but different rules so always check with your airline prior to departure.  Chemists, as well as department stores now sell clear bags which you will need to carry liquids in, remember this includes your make and any medication. Leave it till the airport and most airports hand out plastic bags at check in. You can even take one from your supply at home; you need one with a seal. On long haul flights I have a small purse in which I keep a pair of socks which I slip on once we are in the air and also an eye mask to block out light. Try as I might I cannot wear ear plugs but if you can include those.  In the plastic bag I have a small container of moisturizer and a lip balm. If there is an opportunity once I have passed security I buy a bottle of water but check as some airport such as Bangkok you pass a final security check prior to keeping onto the aircraft and they don’t allow bottles of any liquid. If you don’t have water ask the flight attendant for one early in the flight. I always carry a light shawl or pashmina which I can throw around my shoulders if I am cold. Not all airlines now carry blankets on all sectors. Don’t forget to take something to read and your own music to listen to if you prefer to in-flight entertainment. Most of all relax and enjoy your flight.

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