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July 2011 Newsletter

Thursday, 14th July, 2011

I am busy packing my bags for a tour of KL and all the shopping and eating delights that bring and then in Bangkok at the Rembrandt Hotel where I will be Shopping Guru in residence for shopping eating and spa.

Sugu with part Zari Collection KL MANZA FairBoth trips are going to be loads of fun, in KL I have arranged with Annabel to have a private viewing for our Hot Spots shoppers of the  Zari Collection This is a home-based business owned by Kuala Lumpur couple Sugu and Annabel. Their stylish range of carefully selected handmade textiles from India supports the local handicraft industries of India. Since everything is handmade there are never two pieces the same. We will see printed cotton kantha stitched bedcovers, silk bedcovers made from old sari fabric, hand blocked and hand stitched bedcovers from Jaipur, hand blocked tablecloths, cushion covers, kaftans, organdie cutwork tablecloths and runners, fabulous old throws with fine kantha stitching, plus a unique collection of contemporary jewellery from Jaipur, and a selection of fine pashminas, silk and wool shawls along with designer silk and wool scarves. They only do viewing by appointment, but if a group of you are going shopping to Kuala Lumpur like we are, email them ahead of time and arrange to see their collection. They obviously have a great eye and I know you won’t be disappointed. Email Annabel at

Twin Towers KLWe will be in Kuala Lumpur for the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival which runs from the 15th June to the 31st August 2011. Kuala Lumpur is a shopper’s paradise so think of us roaming the malls picking up great bargains. Of course we won’t get to visit all the 70 shopping malls but we will certainly get to the cream of them. I am packing lightly and am aware of new restrictions on luggage.

One of the things I am most excited about is a cooking class at Lazat Malaysian Home Cooking School This course was recommended to me by a KL expat Melanie who considers it one of the best. I will tell you all about it next month.

The Rembrandt Hotel has lots of exciting goodies waiting for us at in Bangkok our stay includes a wonderful massage in their spa, I had a couple massages there last visits to the hotel and I think it was one of many highlights of my stay. Of course readers will be well aware that my favourite restaurants is the  Rang Mahal – The Best Indian Restaurant in Thailand, situated on the 26th floor of the hotel, you get  a brilliant view of Bangkok as you dine.

What will I buyOf course we are there to shop so we looking forward to privately viewing of Gail Dwyer-Gerrard of Ethan’s Accents jewellery. We are planning  a cooking class as well as loads of shopping fortunately we will be there for the weekend markets so I will be leading the group around this wonderful exciting market to see what great finds we can come up with.

There are a couple of rooms left or this tour so if you have some free time from the 10 to the 16th August and maybe some points you want to use, or even take advantage of the cheap fares out at the moment go to the hotels website and book your room. If you have any trouble just contact me.

I am working on my hand luggage and what you carry onto an aircraft. I am trying to get it to a minimum as I know I will be leaving Brisbane and passing through Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok’s airports so don’t want to be carrying a load of things. I will also be using two different airlines one full service the other low cost so they will have different rules. I have a clear bag which for liquids in, which includes my make up and any medication. On the long haul flights I have a small purse in which I have a pair of socks which I slip on once we are in the air and also an eye mask to block out light. Try as I might I cannot wear ear plugs but if you can include those.  In the plastic bag I have a small container of moisturizer and a lip balm. If there is an opportunity once I have passed security I buy a bottle of water but check as some airport such as Bangkok you pass a final security check prior to keeping onto the aircraft and they don’t allow bottles of any liquid. If you don’t have water ask the flight attendant for one early in the flight. I always carry a light shawl or pashmina which I can throw around my shoulders if I am cold. Low cost carriers do not carry blankets and I often feel chilly on flights. Other than that I have my music and something to read.

If you can’t join me I will tell you all about the trip next month.

Happy Shopping Wendy

In response to increasing consumer demand from the Australia market, Hawaiian Airlines announced that its Sydney-Honolulu flights will go daily year-round, starting December 14. This is great news as with the Australian dollar so string against the America dollar you can have a great time in the shops.

You may be able to find a plane off their website)


An America site but with the current rate of the dollar well worth looking at this site created by Jenny Frederick, this online store to sells creative and colourful packing products.  Gathered together to simplify the pre-trip frenzy, Jenny set out to create a single source for all things needed to travel in style. was born out of a love for travel and a need for travel products that are as fun and inspiring as the trip itself.



The winner of the two nights at the Rembrandt Hotel in Bangkok is ………….. Remember it is not too late to join the shopping guru trip and use your two nights straight away.

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