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May 2011 Newsletter

Monday, 2nd May, 2011

I have had a busy month as my mother has moved from Cairns to Brisbane so we have been out and about together buying furniture, making curtain and buying plants for her new garden. One of the only downside of her move was that due to the fire ants in Cairns she had to leave her great collection of plants behind. So to make up I got out my Suellen Retschlag Op Shoppers Guide and we hit the nearby ops shop and found some lovely plant pots that she was bale to fill with new plants. (Cheryl if we do a more information and hide her website underneath, also you should be able to get an image of the cover off her website).


I also had a trip to cairns to sort out my Mothers home up there and met up with many friends including Cairns Airport GM commercial and terminals, Kate McCreery-Carr and she told me all about a new health and beauty concept store has opened its doors in the domestic terminal departure lounge at Cairns Airport in Queensland.

Proprietor, Rajiv Bhindi, has launched the first ever Health + Beauty Express store which is a concept that grew out of his existing Airport Pharmacy located within Adelaide Airport,  Kate said “We congratulate Raj and his team on their striking new store with its distinctive black and white décor and beautiful product range,”

If you are flying in or out of Cairns look out for their exclusive range of convenient travel size items that also meet the current regulations for international travel, including gorgeous miniature bottles of many top name fragrances. (Cheryl if yu Google the pharmacy there should be an imagine we can use.)



The Australian dollar has made travelling overseas a great bargain, hard I know for our own tourism sector but great if you love shopping, for once the fact that you will have Australian dollars will be even better than American dollars. Time to plan your trip with me to Kula Lumpur in early August or our Shopping Guru trip the second week in Bangkok.


Don’t forget to wear a white shirt on the 19th May  The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) invites Australians to show their commitment to fighting ovarian cancer and supporting the thousands of Australian women and their families who are affected by this insidious disease.


The inaugural White Shirt Day is an OCRF initiative to garner collective support for this important cause. Ovarian cancer may not be the most common cancer in women but it is certainly one of the most life-threatening. There are no discernable symptoms for ovarian cancer and currently there is no early detection test. As such, the disease is usually well-advanced when diagnosed and subsequently the mortality rate is tragically high.


In Australia alone, one woman dies of ovarian cancer every ten hours.


Early detection is the key to changing this devastating statistic – the OCRF is committed to advancing research so that an early detection test can be developed.

For more information (Cheryl the website probably has an imagine we can use maybe the silver ribbon)


I was lucky enough to enjoy a Food Tour T Sensational Flavours tour last week. A new option for locals and tourist alike in Brisbane the tours have been put together by Jacqueline Gregory. Jacqui obviously has a passion for food and has put together several tours highlighting some fabulous food places in Brisbane.


We started the day at Mayfield Chocolates and tasted their magnificent handmade award winning chocolates. Next was real love of locals Black Pearl Epicure, where we got to taste cheese and dips from their array of brilliant gourmet foods.  Onto Di Bella Coffee where we heard all about roasting and barista skills and a exquisite coffee.

A real surprise for me was Mistress of Spice where we tried dips and I must admit I brought some superb spices. Wray Organics was next and I couldn’t get over the quality of their organic foods, we washed that down with a freshly made beetroot, carrot, and apple and ginger juice. Judy at Cakes by Judy C showed us her wonderful designer cakes and some gorgeous sweet tooth samples. Heinz Meats was a favourite for me as my Father was a butcher in country Victoria and I remember the smoke house and sausage machines that Heinz showed us and also some impressive smoked, cured and locally produced continental meats he allowed us to try.  Samios Foods is a wonderful Greek produce store and we sample cheese and some really beautiful olives. It was all finished off at Cliffs Café where we overlooked the Brisbane River and city skyline as we ate Lick’s luscious ice cream.

All in all a really lovely day out and a great tour for those on holiday or a real treat for locals. Check out the website for a full list of tours. (Cheryl you should be able to get a snap maybe of the bus and we can hide the website under more info)

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