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October 2008 Newsletter

Thursday, 2nd October, 2008

I haven’t been travelling this month so back to my dreaming and planning!


Having spent two years of my life on a cargo ship plying its trade in Asia and the Middle East I still enjoy boats, ships and anything associated with the water.

My dream trip this month would have to be any of the Pandaw luxury cruises in Asia. Not sure where I would start, would it be India and cruising the Ganges or the Rajang in Borneo or even exploring in Burma where the Pandaw Company was founded. Ever since we spent a day in the Mekong Delta on a trip to Vietnam I have wanted to do the trip on the Mekong River. Imagine sitting on the decks of one of these beautiful ships G&T in hand watching the exciting Asian world go by. Not only that you only unpack once, then again maybe I would forget that I had to fly home and would be madly buying up at every stop!

The Pandaw Company has its roots in Scotland and evolved from the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company, as well as their business cruising this superb company has some fantastic charity projects going on in the region. The Pandaw Company and their passengers are contributing to not just orphanages and education but also health, with the Pandaw Floating Clinic which operates in the Burma.

Fancy a trip, in Australia contact Pandaw Cruises Australia email or your local travel agent. More



The Essentially for Women Business and Lifestyle Makeover Butterfly Gala Ball was a great success with Amanda Smith from Wynnum Natural Therapies taking out the major prize, congratulations Amanda and to all the wonderful ladies that took part on the night. The event raised $3000 the Queensland Charity Butterfly Kids.


I was lucky enough to be asked to the networking evening Women on Airport at Brisbane Airport hosted by the Brisbane Airport Corporation. The speaker was Julieanne Alroe CEO and Managing Director of the Brisbane Airport and what an inspiring speaker. Although born and raised in Brisbane her aviation career has taken her from a Government job in Canberra to most of the areas of management of Sydney Airport and now she must be one of the few female CEOs of an airport in the world, how lucky we are to have her in Brisbane. It was fantastic to look around the room and see so many women involved in all aspects of aviation, many airline employees but also freight companies, the group from the Royal Flying Doctor service, the large contingent of retailers which now make up the modern airport, to women working all areas of BAC who do such a great job of running Brisbane Domestic and International Airport. Go girls!


Have you noticed how we are heading more and more down the low cost carrier route even with our full service carriers? British Airways have just announced a fee for seat selection; will be interesting to see if other airlines follow. More and more carriers are now changing or tightening up baggage allowances and charging for excess weight in our luggage. Once if you were travelling to Europe you could fly via the States and have the two bag allowance and even with the new changes announced recently with the likes of Qantas it is still a better allowance if you fly via LA. However American carriers have now come out with new dimensions and weights and charges for excess. They are sure making it harder for us shoppers so don’t forget to check out your airlines baggage policy before you leave home!


The long-delayed Bangkok Airport Rail Link project, providing direct rail service to and from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, will start providing free service to the public from this December 5 which coincides with the birthday celebrations of His Majesty the King. This trail period should be followed by an opening in early 2010. A one way ticket is expected to cost USD21.95 but the main attraction for travellers will be avoiding the delays in Bangkok’s traffic.

For further information check

I love the relaunch of Qantas’s I Still call Australia home it really sends shivers down my spine, if you want to watch it again check out

Our newsletter goes out once a month and I hope you enjoy receiving hints on travelling and shopping in Asian cities.

If you want information on a favourite city or you have a tips for other shoppers or tourists please email me I would love to hear from you.

Happy Shopping!


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