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September 2009 Newsletter

Wednesday, 2nd September, 2009

We all get so excited about travelling that we often forget about the journey; how do we arrive in first class shape when we have travelled in economy?


Like everything it is down to planning so here are a few of my tips.


Arrive at the airport in plenty of time; there is nothing worse than running to check in or worrying if you will miss the flight. You can always wander the shops that most major airport have in their departure lounges or join an airline program, or programs such Priority Pass who provide lounges in major airports.


Have a small pack with things you will need during the flight and take it out before you sit down and place in the back of the seat in front of you. Same with books or magazines you want to read during the flight.


Wear compression socks, there is nothing worse than finding you can’t get your shoes back on when you arrive, or if you have left your shoes on that subsequently they have stretched to the next size.



Drink plenty of water, you should aim for half a litre of water every hour. Diuretics such as wine, tea and coffee are even more potent in the air so try to avoid them.


Use lavender oil on you hand or pillow and inhale to help you relax and hopefully sleep during the flight


Take a small spray to mist your face in the air; this is one thing I always enjoy when flying and find it really refreshing.


Slather on moisturizer, especially as you are coming into land as it can be a great pick me up

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