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Friday, 15th January, 2016

  • Security tips before you leave home

    With the excitement of packing your bag before you travel, make sure home security is a priority. Unfortunately in this day and age we have to be aware of who might see our home as a potential pay day so do ensure your home is not a possible target for break and enter. Here are some ideas which I have found handy, for a month, a week or even for a weekend away. This is the ...

  • November 2015 Newsletter

    Nurses for Nurses enjoy Shopping and Medical Tourism Tour to Bangkok. Shop for Christmas and go in the draw for two nights accommodation at the Rembrandt Hotel in Bangkok

  • Helpful hints for our next shopping tour

    As we get closer to our departure date, here are some ideas to help you be well prepared for a beautiful time in Bangkok. Check your passport. Under Thai Law your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the period you intend to stay in Thailand. Make photocopies, of your passport credit cards and airline tickets. Keep copies at home and take a copy with you. Keep the copies in a separate place to ...

  • Make Sure Your Luggage Can Be Easily Identified

    On a recent flight I disembarked the aircraft, stopped at the newsagents to purchase a local newspaper and then headed down to the baggage carousel to collect my suitcase. The flight had been fully booked and there was a large crowd waiting as the luggage came out to the eager passengers. A couple of times a suitcase that looked mine came towards me on the carousel. I pushed through the crowd, struggled to get it ...

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy 2015

    We are coming to the end of what has been a challenging year for me personally but I have great hopes for 2015. Things started to look up for us in October when our little country pub the New Royal at Rubyvale in the Sapphire Gemfields won Queensland Hotel Associations Best Bush Pub. It was a gala night at the Convention Centre in Brisbane and it was great to have our little Aussie battler recognised among ...

  • Newsletter November 2014

    Shopping for pearls, pottery and Vietnamese Lacquer ware, eating the exciting Vietnamese cuisine and visiting the countryside and getting ready to do it all over again in Bangkok in December for Christmas Shopping.

  • November 2011 Newsletter

    Our trip to Bangkok for the Shopping Guru at the Rembrandt Hotel was a mixture of old and new friends and everybody voted it a great success. We started the frivolities at The Café on the 1st floor at the RembrandtHotel where we enjoyed a lovely Thai meal and got to know one another. It was delightful to have a family flavor with June joining her daughters Maree and Camille. First morning we sorted out the use ...

  • September 2011 Newsletter

    I have only just got back from two wonderful shopping trips, the first to KL and the second to Bangkok and I am madly running around getting organised for a holiday with my special man. The trip to Kuala Lumpa went really well and we all enjoyed ourselves. From having our feet pampered by the local fish to learning to cook Malaysian style to shopping up a storm it was a fun filled week. You can see from ...

  • July 2011 Newsletter

    I am busy packing my bags for a tour of KL and all the shopping and eating delights that bring and then in Bangkok at the Rembrandt Hotel where I will be Shopping Guru in residence for shopping eating and spa. Both trips are going to be loads of fun, in KL I have arranged with Annabel to have a private viewing for our Hot Spots shoppers of the  Zari Collection This is a home-based business ...

  • May 2011 Newsletter

    I have had a busy month as my mother has moved from Cairns to Brisbane so we have been out and about together buying furniture, making curtain and buying plants for her new garden. One of the only downside of her move was that due to the fire ants in Cairns she had to leave her great collection of plants behind. So to make up I got out my Suellen Retschlag Op Shoppers Guide and ...

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